Sneak Peak for Extra Sizes Pumps

Saturday, 20 September 2014
Hello dolls, due to overwhelmed enquiries about extra size pumps & wedges (size 31-43), I will update my collection specially for you girls by tomorrow. I understand how you girls felt when you saw your favorite shoes but there is no size for you. So, here is the sneak peak of what I will be posting up tomorrow, so stay tuned~

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New Wardrobe

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Hello dolls, I have been planning to bring in dresses since last year but I did not have spare time to upload and update my blog. Until today, I have made up my mind and taa-daa~, up with 11 designs as the moment. I will update more designs by tomorrow. Maybe another 10 more designs. Do drop by with your friends okay? =P

p/s: Any purchase of 2 pieces from this section will enjoy free delivery (GDEX).
Valid until 30-September-2014

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I'm Back

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

As per title, I am back. Truly sorry for the long hiatus, things been happening a lot lately! I was with my full time job for almost 2 years and I am getting lazier after work and I am busy picking stuff from overseas for new business, so on and so forth... Excuses! Yes, indeed, it's bad and I am trying to pick up and go back to the right track now. =)

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Till then, thanks for the great support dolls. Have a great day ahead!

~from Deicy Doll